Joplin Origami Club
Established to continue and promote the ancient art of Origami.

Welcome to your gallery
Here are the guidelines.

  • If you are submitting pictures of models, of your own design, then you can take credit for it.
  • If it is someone elses design...then give them credit. So tell us where you found the pattern and who it's by. If you can.
  • Images must be in jpg or gif format.
  • Fill out the submission form completely.

You are the executioner of the design that creates the model. It is your job to bring each design to life as a model. It is your interpretation of the designs that give the model it's own character. Sometimes no two models of the same thing look alike. You may fold other peoples designs. But it is your excution of the design that brings them to life. Without you the flat paper will do nothing.

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